It says Hell when you flip it upside down. It is 1337 talk.
i'll see you in 1134
by justin jensen May 31, 2003
Top Definition
The number of his name,and the name of his number. Only let those with insight recognize this fact.
If you constantly see the number 1134 on a clock or reciept or anywhere else,you have therefor been selcted for spiritual enlightenment for entry to heaven.
by Alpha Omega August 27, 2003
'Hell' if you type it on most calculators and flip them upsidown.
'Go to 1134!' The calculator read.
by Woot May 11, 2005
Part of a kids trick with a calculator, 1800-666=1134 and turn 1134 upside down and it spells hell. Also 34-11=23 2/3=.666 Some people may also become obsessed with this number along with 23 or such numbers. the paranoia of certain numbers all tie in to one another in one way or more.
1134=23 23=2/3 2/3=.666 .666=Satan so 1134=SATAN
by KILLMAN March 12, 2009
if you type 1134 on a calculator (or write it on paper) and turn it upside down,it will read "hell".
"go to 1134!"
by 9712754 February 22, 2009
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