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A small town in Southwest England, between Plymouth and Exeter. It is known locally as 'the most usual and uninteresting town in the known universe' for a very good reason. The mayor of Newton Abbott is a well-known pillock. So much so, that he actually halted all traffic to the town centre and closed at least 3 major roads purely in order to build an ASDA supermarket, on a site that was once a major byway.
Dude, you wanna go to Newton Abbott today?

-No thanks, I'm all out of antidepressants.
by AVANA March 05, 2011
A small village in the South West of England, famous for its totally defaceable signposts. With just three letters, the young and old alike have magically transformed its name into Nipplepenis, and relied on the many other examples of this around at any given time (keeping the Mayor busy) to ensure that it stays there for a long time.
Dude, they made it Nipplepenis again!

Seriously? Again? At this rate, Ipplepen will be genuinely called Nipplepenis by next year!
by AVANA March 05, 2011
1080: a phrase used to refer to something that is 'cool'. Derived from 1080p, the HD screen resolution. Essentially, the word means something is HD or classy.
Dude, that new Ferrari they just released is pretty 1080
by AVANA January 16, 2011

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