Top Definition
it is a gay number.
1 mean top, the one who Fxxk
0 mean bottom, the one who get fxxked.
and 69, we all know what it mean.
He is gay, and he can be 1069.
by hot honger June 06, 2006
"Tent" 69. Where you 69 under a blanket or a tent.
Lastnight my boyfriend I 1069'd. It got really hot so we took the blanket off.
by Yellow persuasion May 09, 2016
a kick ass independant rock radio station out of hartford, ct that has benifitted the community, sponsors numerous events, is listened to by thousands, and is the only new rock, and rock in general radio station in connecticut
106.9 wccc kicks ass said the blind man to the deaf mute
by tyler12345 May 15, 2006
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