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The act of having sexual intercourse with everyone on the planet... at the same time, whilst watching an episode of the hit comedy 'friends'

It is also not unusual to grow several detachable penises after u get to the one millionth and one base.
Richard: Dude i got to the 1000000th base last week!

Paul: What! that means you had sex with me! and my mum?! and my dad!!! you fucker!!!! What friends episode were you watching?
by nausia_rules September 29, 2006
Taking a shit in space, and having sex with the shit flying around you. When finished, smear the shit on your face and use it as face cream, whilst your parents film the act and a catholic priest cheering you on
I totes got to 1000000th base last night

Thats alot of poop
by Awex Skeeter March 24, 2010
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