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A dance that has many variations, it's very simple and includes only two steps to be completed.
We in da club doin' the same old 2-step
by cErTiFiEd November 30, 2004
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A dance move made popular by Ciara that involves acctually 3 steps. There are many variations of this dance
Aww, already! Johnny is 1,2 Stepin on da dance flo
by Brielle December 26, 2004
A simple old- school dance very easy!
I can do the 1,2 step! ....
by i dunno? April 13, 2005
The black person's version of the Macarena.
Cracka: "Can you do the 1, 2 Step?"
Black Man: "Yes, I believe I can. Then again, anyone with legs could."
by Zoe Tinkle April 17, 2005
-A song by R&B singer Ciara
-A phrase meaning to add on to something; to put more flare or to better something.
I love that Ciara song 1,2 step it's awesome!

Dan: How's this drawing?
Steve: It's ok just add a little one, two step into that and it'll be rad.
by Kayeman Lane November 10, 2005
Ciara dumb self made a song and did the 1,2,3 step...guess the bitch cant count
Let me see ya do the 1,2,3 step
by Trey> April 15, 2005
a dance made from ciara
let me see u 1 2 step
by Brittany Sanchez November 27, 2004

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