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A dance move made popular by Ciara that involves acctually 3 steps. There are many variations of this dance
Aww, already! Johnny is 1,2 Stepin on da dance flo
by Brielle December 26, 2004
a girl whos is the leader of a group in 8th grade of Medford Memorial middle school. Her acctual name is Taylor. She pertends she rich.. but really she's not. We call her Botox because she cant move her face and show facial expressions.
I think Botox almost just smiled.
by Brielle March 20, 2005
people that are straight up alchi's and eat potatoes for every meal. The loudest and most obnoxious people you will ever meet.They like to sing songs and drink guinness.
I'm irish and i drink as much as possible.
by Brielle March 17, 2005
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