Refers to a period of silence, commonly in conjunction with a blank stare. This is normally caused when one party in a conversation states something completely absurd or nonsensical.
"The Village was a scary movie."

by ECHOecho December 17, 2007
The person typing this is too much of a pussy to express how he/she actually feels about something that has been said. Used typically by teenage emofags who express themselves almost exclusively with sarcasm or whining, and have absolutely no clue what assertiveness is.
Normal person at fast food place: "Hey, can you order your damn food already? I only have 30 minutes for lunch."
Emo kid taking forever to order 2 tacos: "..." (I want to tell you to shut the hell up, but i'm too much of a pussy)
by XS29U0G April 30, 2008
Often typed out when chatting online it expresses many things such as an awkaward moment or waiting for something else to happen, can even be used when you have comment or do not want to give answer. People will often use ... as dot dot dot when talking in real life.

Guy: Hey do you like me?
Girl: ...
Girl: And the I was like wow!
Girl 2: ...Uh huh
by Violet Hedgie January 25, 2009
Signals the voice trailing off.
I'll see you tomorrow...
by Diggity Monkeez February 01, 2005
Hella Pause, when a regular pause isn't enough.
CoolGuy27:I think we're going to hit up this frickin sweet party tonight.
Whackfool821:I think i'm just going to stay in tonight and study.
CoolGuy27: . . .
by Butu September 17, 2008
the situation where you can't said another word
Person 1: guys
Person 1: Justin Bieber Never Say Never bluray is out
Person 2: ...
by Raicho May 09, 2011
It's what people type instead of WTF
1: I just got raped by my dog
2: ...!? (Or ...?!)
by Rasmus0909 August 24, 2009

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