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... Otherwise known as the triple dot.

Used to show importance of what someone is about to say
And Jimmy's mom was like: ...
I was like: Damn....the triple dot. its gonna take her a while to answer that
by D!M! January 10, 2008
5 9
Means, wtf are you talking about?!
Mollyblahhh - Butter warm clouds are driiiiffftttting into my mouutththhh!!! Ohhh soo gooo oooo OOOOO lllldenn!!!
Jackieblahhh - ...
by Jackieblahhhh September 13, 2006
13 17
When you just ignore the person because they are lame or over talkative; You express yourself with no response, just keep thinking of what you were thinking, whatever the person said never happened.
Person 1:: But yea bitch over here want something lets head over there.
Person 2:: Why?
Person 1:: ...
Person 1:: wonder what he want?
by R.Ken. August 02, 2006
15 19
The three dots stand for "I love you." One dot for each word. It's written by people who are too scared to say the actual words or by people who do not want their feelings to appear obvious. It is similar to the word "ditto."
Girl texts her boyfriend: "Hey Elliot, I love you."

Boy texts back: "..."
by Elliot143sAnn December 30, 2010
5 10
always bad news AKA the triple dot
From WOW JIMMY story on youtube

Mojache: Hey mrs. jimmy where has jimmy been?

Mrs. Jimmy:...

Mojache: O shit!!
by dustin111111111111111 January 04, 2008
6 12
can be used to denote extened pause in a conversation, usually on IM when another person has said something incredibly stupid. Can be used in real life conversation to fill awkward silences.
person one: im a fish goddammit!
person 2: ...
by the weirdo in the corner December 02, 2006
12 19
Another way of saying what the fuck? but in a form you just don't get what that person wrote.
(Guy 1 starts messaging guy 2)

Guy 1- yo man guess what?
guy 2- what?
Guy 1- I found a penny
Guy 2 -so...?
Guy 1- so cool!
Guy 2- ...

(guy 2 signs off)
by weknowmorethanyou May 15, 2007
11 19