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Russian word for dick.
Ты - хуй.
You are a dick.
by ₱ĨŇ₲₳$ May 17, 2009
rude way of saying dick in russian
иди/пошел на хуй (idi/poshol na huy) - go on a dick=fuck you

ну ты и хуй (nu ti i huy) - you're such a dick
by zui_zui_zui November 04, 2010
Russian obscene word for "penis".

Its rudness level is similar to one of english "cunt", it's ruder then "prick" or "dick".
Иди на хуй! (lit. "go on dick")

Хватить думать хуем! ("Stop thinking with your dick!")
by peaceful atom November 07, 2011
мужской половой орган, который иногда выполняет функцию мозга.
-- Хотел бы трахнуть её?
-- Да не, хуй не стоит.
by mahadeo October 22, 2013

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