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The perfect girl. A girl who is confident, intelligent, a great kisser, and someone you can always count on. She has the sexiest eyes, and the perfect smile. She's beautiful inside and out. She will always be kind to everyone. A girl with this name loves chocolate. She will always be an amazing person/kisser.
Sanya is the perfect girl.
by ColdplayYellow123 March 03, 2011
192 40
it means Radiant
it'sfrom the arabic origin
It's an indian name though
sanya is a girl's name
by ctqt September 05, 2007
119 39
Country gal drinking homemade cider yet still perfectly manicured nails. A bit crazy/likes telling bizarre stories. Talks a lot but SO much fun to be around! Also, beautiful. Her sparkly eyes and mesmerising lips leave anyone dazzled. Affectionate, brave and a little WILD! Big heart and big HAIR!
Look at her... That's just GOT to be a Sanya!
by ONOWAY January 09, 2012
28 15