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Scandinavian boy name, most common in Norway.
Means "Island of wind" or something.
Not so many ppl is called Øyvind, thus making it even cooler.
Person #1 - Hi, my name is Øyvind!
Person #2 - Omg... I havent even met you before, but because youre called Øyvind you instantly have all my respect, youre the coolest person ever!
by Scented March 21, 2008
A very addictive central stimulating substance. People doing Øyvind is often recognized walking around with extreme euphoria. Interviews with people doing øyvind says its a very extreme experience, but the downside is that everything and everyone else seems dull in comparison.
I just had a piece of Øyvind... AWSOME!
I need some more Øyvind...
by andasp February 06, 2010
Type of person with a lot of body hair and can grow facial hair at extreme speed. This causes people to often be mistaken for some kind of primate.

Although most might seem aggressive they are usually calm individuals often with much life experience.

The exception is when they ingest large amounts of alcohol, this brings out the more primal instincts within them. It's theorized that their appearance is caused by a closer link to primates or "cavemen"
Holy shit! was that a chimpanzee?
- No man, that was only a Øyvind.

I think I saw an ape drive a car just now.
-Sure it wasn't a Øyvind?

I just got some great camping tips from that Øyvind over there.
by John Doggett January 30, 2011
To masturbate vigorously throughout the night, watching low cost pornography.
You sure pulled an oyvind staying in all weekend with your tissue paper!
by vigi May 28, 2005
the artist formerly known as Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson starring in MacGyver
by Anonymous February 06, 2003
frequently used irc-nickname for a group of men whom prefers their women from 14-16.
oyvind kjære gud i perleporten, gi meg ei jente på nesten 14!
by dvd-jon February 06, 2003
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