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A statement that made someone feel inferior or stupid because the majority of people know. The person was confused and felt stupid
Ann:Did you know 10x10=100
Bob:No, 10x10 is 20
Ann:No, you dumbass everyone knows 10x10 is 100; your fucking stupid.
Carol:Dude, everyone knows simple math
Debbie:you just got a mind bomb.
Bob:(feels stupid in silence)
by lilakid October 27, 2008

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great oral pleasure...
Dude 1: How was sex with Kesha last night.
Dude 2: It was alright, but Kesha got that mind bomb.
by mr.bitches June 17, 2012
A statement that seems innocent when you hear it but when you think of it later it makes you think of something gross or disgusting.
I thought were talking about jogging but later his mind bomb went off on me and I pictured the anal rape he was referring to.
by Hatefulevilscumface May 27, 2011