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having sex, essentially dipping one's dick into a vagina.
"I was doing dick dips all night last night."

"I've been doing dick dips on so many broads lately that I'm getting tired."

"Sarah is sore from all the dick dips last night."

"Birds love it when I take them out for some dick dips."
by noelcarrick January 03, 2009
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The accidental dipping of one's dick in the toilet water, either as a result of an erection, a shallow toilet bowl, or an abnormally long penis.
"Aw man, I just went to take a leak with a semi and did a total dick dip."
by Jeff_jr February 01, 2014
When a male pushes his dick against a short male or female and has to dip to get to the ass.
Guy: Bruh, did he just DickDip
Guy2: ayeeee get it, get it
Guy: Dick dip ayeeeee
by Leotin September 11, 2014
immerse dick inside any substance or hole, seeking explicitly for sexual pleasure.
"-Where's Jon?
-Dick dipping her gf."
by Martín F. January 16, 2009

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