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1. A symbol used to show that x is greater than (or more than) y.

2. Symbol used to represent "own" or "pwn.
13 > 3

I > you
by Ms T February 21, 2003
In the latest slang, you can use this for not only numbers but for words, too.
If you think Cats are better than dogs, you put this:


Then it should mean "Cats are greater than Dogs."
But don't use '<'. It's a waste of time, just say it's greater. Not less...er.
Beer > you
'Beer owns you'
'Beer is better than you'
by Overload October 15, 2005
The greater than/less than sign is used to compare two things, usually for expressing an opinion.
Pie > Cake

Vikings > Jedi > Ninjas > Pirates
by Tabs & Nox August 23, 2006
1. Denoting that something, which comes directly before the symbol, is "greater" than whatever directly follows the symbol, either literally or in an opinionated sense.

2. Scorning, making fun of, or laughing at a particular group, object or idea (can be used multiple times to create a greater effect).
1. 6 > 5.

2. No way, man. Steak > Chicken.

3. >Colts.


1.) >Start of season being canceled
2.) What...?
1.) >David Stern
1.) >Derek Fisher
2.) Dude...
1.) >NBA
by /\NONYMOUS November 04, 2011
Shorthand for "implying."
Originated from greentext.
Example 1:

A) Everyone on Youtube is saying that it sucks.
B) >basing anything on Youtube comments.

Example 2:
A) Hey did you buy that game yet?
B) >Buying games.*

*See /v/
by xdb May 27, 2012
what you accidentally hit when quickly typing a question
hey girl how are you?> DERP.
by Big Pop May 27, 2011
"Ha". ">" can be used to represent different levels of LOL. Some conversion factors:
> = sarcastic laugh
>>> = LOL
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> = LMFAO
funnyman69: Do you like fishsticks?
nocomedycentral37: Yes...
funnyman69: You're a gay fish! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
by jgrn307 June 07, 2009