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In the latest slang, you can use this for not only numbers but for words, too.
If you think Cats are better than dogs, you put this:


Then it should mean "Cats are greater than Dogs."
But don't use '<'. It's a waste of time, just say it's greater. Not less...er.
Beer > you
'Beer owns you'
'Beer is better than you'
by Overload October 15, 2005
1) Something ripped out of them anime faces, literally used every post when it comes to those Wapanese, exaggerated anime fans, or generally any audience that tries to act like they were born from Japan.

2) A lot of asians don't even KNOW of this smiley.

3) If not used by the Wapanese, it is used to express some joy and generosity. Although ':)' is much better.
1) Fukai Fukai Moriiii, I love Inuyasha, kupo ^_^ I can translate it in english, kupo. ^_^

2) '^_^' <-- What the fuck IS that!?

3)Thanks for the help. ^_^
by Overload October 15, 2005

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