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An extended version of <=3, which just symbolises a guys set of reproductive organs =D
A: You're an idiot
B: Suck my <==3 you fag
by melikeme July 13, 2006
Picture depicting a penis. Some times used to say you are a penis.
Bod1: Hey man I hate you
Bod2: U are a <==3
by Cameron Sherry July 17, 2006
Emoticon representing a penis, you can place a :O face before it, meaning 'suck my cock' or you can put a ~ between the face and the phallic symbol meaning 'skeet in your mouth'
OMG ure such a <==3

- Guess what??
-- What??
- :O <==3
- Dick In The Mouth!!

Et Cetra
by The.Anarchist October 10, 2009
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