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Expression used to signify a wink with the addition of the 'knick' sound coming from the mouth. To clarify the sound made, sucking air back into your mouth while pressing your tongue against the roof of you mouth (all on one side of your mouth) enables the sound. The expression can be used to convey the "I know" or the "That's right" statements' emotions. A person may use this same expression daily in those "I told you so" and "that's what I thought" moments, as well.
From a text chat:

Girl: "I lub wut u got meh 4 my bday babe."

Guy: "I kno gurl, ;-V . I'm glad =D ."
by judogizzard January 07, 2010
This emoticon represents the face of someone who has just had a load blown upon them.
My face is covered in man batter! ;v
by Alan April 19, 2005

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