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An emoticon meaning "I'm coming later to eat your vagina out". As you can see the face is sticking its tongue out and the vagina is represented below.
Girl-"Hey Edd what do you want to tonight?"

Guy- ":p>"
Girl- "nice"
by ImaDoctor June 12, 2012
The smiley face used to represent the face many obnoxious girls make in their photos,

also implying licking pussy
ugh that chick always makes the :-P> face in her photos
by D. Guiney May 19, 2008
an emoticon used to depict the gesture of putting two fingers to your mouth in a piece symbol and sticking out you're tongue. this is normally meant to show someone u want to fuck/suck them or to tick people off in internet chat room or over text. It is a variation of the traditional ":P" smiley face. this emoticon generally shows stronger feelings than :P... the other difference between the 2 emoticons is that :P> can be used as an insult in addition to a sexual reference. (whereas a traditional :P doesn't always portray sexual references.)

Commonly used on omegle.com
(over text)

girl: I'm naked.
Guy: nice ;)
Girl: I'm waiting for u to come to my house
Guy: :P>


Welcome to chat room 13583:

Baller69: dude ur a fag
N00bster_likes-pussy:no u are the faggot.
Baller69:stfu loser
N00bster_likes-pussy:shut up I'm telling my mother
Baller69: :P>
by J-Baller Dasexybeast March 13, 2012