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emoticon for biting of lip

1. when scared
2. when embarrassed
<Joe> I'm about to do a bungee jump
<Tom> Ever thought the rope might snap?
<Joe> :f

<Matt> I just saw a guy slip over on a banana skin
<Ben> Did you laugh?
<Matt> Yes :f
by CT` July 31, 2010
13 18
An emoticon with fangs, the vampire emoticon
Did you ever see Dracula? Christopher Lee was so hot. :F
by viciouschild August 28, 2009
10 15
a little emoticon that shows fear or being scared.
: are the eyes
F is the biting of the lip.
boy: have you told your parents that we're going out?
girl: no. :F
by dayzeexcore February 18, 2008
24 31
The chipmunk face. Used after one has said something cute or witty. Similar to :3
Girl: *Insert Setup*
Boy: *insert wit*
Boy: :F
by VenomousNinja August 07, 2009
3 12
:F denotes the term "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS"
If replacing :F with "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS", you must retain the capital letters.
<%Trit0ch> :F
<%Parasite> hai
<%Parasite> ;F
by Tritoch December 07, 2007
82 91
An emoticon sed to show a chav having a cigarette.. or anyone else smoking/wanting to smoke
Niamh: ':F'
Gem: 'Dude you don't smoke?'
Niamh: 'Nah its what the chav opposite me looks like.. :F'
by ikeafangirl August 03, 2011
2 12
Dazed or confused.
A Hillbilly.
Can also symbolize teeth being knocked out, or having buckteeth.
Mike: D00000d I just ate shit on my skateboard.

Ricardo: How does it taste? :F
by donnyinlakai April 27, 2008
12 22