A very sad emoticon of Toki Wartooth...or anyone with a Fu Manchu.
Sally: Jim, I have cancer.
Jim: :C
by letoh October 28, 2009
Top Definition
The saddest man in the whole entire world.
the burden of the whole entire world is on my shoulders :C
by Fantastic Johnny C April 26, 2005
An extremely sad face.
Britney won't have sex with me.

by smellymax November 30, 2004
Fu Manchu emoticon
Dweeb1: :-C
Dweeb2: wtf is :-C
Dweeb1: That's my Fu Manchu emoticon
Dweeb2: oh now i get it they r so cool :-C
by Morgan K February 24, 2009
the DeNiroticon
-The face someone pulls when they are impressed.
-A Robert DeNiro impression
Man: Hey Dude I got with That Chick last night
Dude: Niiiiiice :C
by Darth Juggernaut July 23, 2012
The face inspired when talking to the perfect Matt Barr. Sometimes given a body, skateboard, or hat. ie: C|:c)->< Sometimes referred to as Seamus.
Matt is better than you, and you know it.
by drop it like its hotttttt December 07, 2004
Walrus face/silly-ness in context
"Dude that's weird :c"
"Walrus me! :c"
by witchy-chan February 08, 2010
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