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An extremely sad face.
Britney won't have sex with me.

by smellymax November 30, 2004
A town in Essex just on the outskirts of Basildon. Full of townies and rudies that hang around the shops looking hard. Walk around the town centre and you will probably be given an evil stare, or a stab in the stomach, from someone with a hooded jacket, or perhaps a Nickelson T-shirt with a fake burberry cap, and maybe their Arsenal socks tucked outside their trousers. Well 'ard, innit. Boysies.
I went to Corringham today, and someone tried to stab me in the town centre but they missed, because the brain capacity of an average person in Corringham does not allow them to decipher the difference between a person and a sreet lamp.
by smellymax November 30, 2004
Facial expression or a person reaching orgasmic climax.
Oh, oh, yes! Thats the spot! Right there. (^.^)
by smellymax November 29, 2004

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