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an alternate emote for :(, meant to express the same sad emotion but more intensely. Often used in conjuction with :(.

Wes touched my special place. :<
by aarun June 10, 2006
A sheepish frown. Used when you're embarrassed and sad.
Gares: Wow you really fucked that up.
KeviN: :<
by TechKnow July 30, 2004
an emoticon that stands for sighing, often used in yahoo messenger
K: so wat does that mean again?
Q: :-<
by c0nFusjng p00h~ July 28, 2010
An emoticon used to express contemplation. Noted for its similarity to a chinese beard like one Confucius would of had
Steve: I've just been doing a lot of thinking tonight, bro. :<
Jim: About what?
Steve: Life.
Jim: :<
by viceplaya February 21, 2010

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