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Hard one to define imo.. I guess it's
1. This sucks.
2. Whatever
3. Greeeeeeeat (sarcasticly)
Nice job :/

Bob: I couldn't get the match rescheduled
BlackRider: :/
by BlackRider April 04, 2003
10 Words related to :/
The act of being:

1) Unsure
2) Sarcasm
3) "Yeah sure."
<Drthodt> I can program in Java
<Just1n> Sure Drthodt. :/

Also see: :) :|
by Justin April 13, 2004
1) An agreeable response to a problematic situation in which the situation is out of the control of the responder or both parties.


2) A somewhat regretful, conflicted response to a decision already made or one that is currently being made by the responder.
Person A: I REALLY wish you didn't live so far away:(
Person B: I know.. me too:/

Person A: So you're telling me you cheated on me?! But why?
Person B: I don't know what to say:/
by knleonhart March 07, 2013
1. Indifference or 'meh' is the best i can think of :/
person 1: dude wasnt that awesome!
person 2: :/
by just1 April 05, 2010
1. the smiley for being unsure and sad.
I don't know... :'/
by ahay929 January 08, 2011
To me this "smiley" has many different meanings and its hard to explain :/...i guess its when ur annoyed or something didnt go to plan..
Kyle: :/ Ally: whats wrong? Kyle: nothing :/ Ally : stop useing that face! its like ur annoyed or sad when you do it D: Kyle: maybe I am Ally: about what Kyle: nvm :/
by user66666666 June 22, 2010
Reaction to cover a laugh or smile due to a stupid comment or action by someone else. Synonym for "way", "amazing" or "haha"
Ulysses: I spent $5 less than you for that bag
Jon: :/)
by Hkkumar March 11, 2014

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