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On msn, typing (L) will display a heart. (L) means a heart, or love, etc.
Hey Joe, had fun at the movies (L)
by kelsiekdfjdl November 11, 2006
359 48
A love heart emoticon on MSN Messenger
Girl - I (L) Green Day
Guy - You WHAT Green Day?
Girl - Don't you know anything? It's a love heart on MSN you loser
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
220 73
this could also mean vagina, pussy, etc., instead of the usual emoted heart... but that would be a very dirty thing to think, lol.
guy 1: i just scored (l) last night

guy 2: no way
by Anonymous lvjhsbldfj June 17, 2010
49 58
It means LOSER. Opposite from the (Y) which is thumbs up. Got it from GLEE :D
Guy : Hey, wanna go out with me?

Girl : Go fuck yourself (L)!
by lutfi March 17, 2011
9 51