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3 definitions by DownloadThisSong

A love heart emoticon on MSN Messenger
Girl - I (L) Green Day
Guy - You WHAT Green Day?
Girl - Don't you know anything? It's a love heart on MSN you loser
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
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Many "Awwwh"s Coming Ur Way

When someone is gonna get alot of sympathy, like when they're ill or someones died etc

Not to be confused with Macaw, a kind of bird
Girl: My cat died :(
by DownloadThisSong March 15, 2008
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The *cough* cool *cough* way to say guitar
Guy 1 - Wanna play GEETAR Hero with me?
Guy 2 - Dude, you're sad. It's GUITAR.
Guy 1 - No no no, I'm cool. I say GEETAR!
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
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