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A love heart emoticon on MSN Messenger
Girl - I (L) Green Day
Guy - You WHAT Green Day?
Girl - Don't you know anything? It's a love heart on MSN you loser
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
Many "Awwwh"s Coming Ur Way

When someone is gonna get alot of sympathy, like when they're ill or someones died etc

Not to be confused with Macaw, a kind of bird
Girl: My cat died :(
by DownloadThisSong March 15, 2008
The *cough* cool *cough* way to say guitar
Guy 1 - Wanna play GEETAR Hero with me?
Guy 2 - Dude, you're sad. It's GUITAR.
Guy 1 - No no no, I'm cool. I say GEETAR!
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
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