being nade means you are the perfect couple, you are emotionally and physically attatched to eachother. Being nade means you are the perfect match, your faces go and your personalities go and usually if you are in a nade relationship, the girl is beautiful, intelligent and funny so the guys that ever get to get into a nade relationship you should be thankful.
*couple walks past in the streets/schoo/wherever*

Randomer: Oh my gosh, they are so cute!

Another randomer: Obviously, they are a nade couple!!! I mean look at them
by Pat Myhynie April 30, 2012
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Shortned version of word, "grenade"

Often used by people who frequently play first-person shooter video games which have grenades.
"I had 2 health left and that fucker decided to throw a 'nade! Damn it! That lucky SOB!"
by B. Brastis January 25, 2006
A shorter name for "GRENADE"

Usualy used in online multiplayer games
Take Cover! Nade Incoming!
by pwned October 15, 2003
Short for "grenade." Got it's start in Team Fortress.
"I love EMP Nades"
"Anyone got the nade launcher?"
by TheFeniX March 21, 2003
Marijuana sprayed with bug spray. Popular in the Bayview/Hunter's Point and Potrero Hill neighborhoods in San Francisco, CA.
"Let's hit the hill for the nade and we can blow shit up!"
by Skybwozzzz July 12, 2009
A slang abreviation for Grenade.

Often used on online FPS games.
Bill threw a 'nade into the bunker, the enemy tried to scramble away before its 5 second fuse ended... BooOoOOoM.
by 25p January 27, 2006
A common term used on online multiplayer games for "grenade"
Those plasma nades are pwning me!
by Joey L. July 07, 2005
pronunciation: nay'd

Short for grenade. Can also be combined with adjectives to describe different types of grenades:

Smoke nade: Grenade that spews smoke when thrown, typically carried by covert ops for the purpose of concealing their movement.

Frag nade: The 'frag' can waither be taken as fragment (aka shrapnel) or frag as in kill. The frag nade is your typical grenade for the purpose of killing.

Flash nade: When thrown, this grenade gives off el muchos lightos, blinding the enemy. Some variations of the flash nade also make a loud bang to temporarily deafen the enemy.

Rifle nade (or riffnad): Grenade attatched to the end of a gun (typically a sniper rifle without a scope) that can be launched a short distance and explodes on, or shortly after, impact. A primitive grenade launcher.
Hurry up and throw a smoke nade so we don't get shot!
by enjuneer October 05, 2003
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