Short for Grenade, and used with many of the same meanings. The one I see missing is "A short bottle of Mickey's". They are short, round, green bottles of cheap beer that vaguely resemble a grenade.
Yo, 'nade me. To translate: Hey man, toss me a Mickey's.
by Qjedi December 10, 2006
A grenade
Fire in the hole! Nade incoming!!
by Angl2k August 11, 2003
an explosive; hand grenade; or any other type of explosive that could potentially kill you in a video game or in actuality. Nade, in gaming, refers to a grenade (fragment, flash bang, smoke).
"He just got owned by a nade"
by JDWG March 24, 2008
slang term to describe any opiate. take nades and get naded. nade can be used to describe heroin, oxycontin, percoset, vicodin, or any otheer painkiller that gets you nading.
Arnold: Hey bobby, i got some nades lets get naded after school today!
Bobby: Arnold, are you fucking high? Lets get naded before school, come on.

fuckin nades
by nadingnadenades February 13, 2011
marijuana characterized as being "kill" (chronic)
sup y'all I was girpin' of that nade the other day
by Scottie White April 12, 2006
When your best friend brings his hot girlfriend to the party and that hot girlfriend brings her fugly friend. The fugly friend is referred to as the 'grenade' or 'nade for short. This nickname is derived from the concept of jump on the grenade.
Dude, Lindsey brought this beat-ass girl Cassie to the party...what a fuckin' nade.

go green machine.
by B'jackoff October 15, 2004
a way to disguise the word nudes which is a sexual picture sent by a phone
Kevin: I want nades!
Brooke: Fuck you i'll kick you with my energy legs!
by blargball July 31, 2012
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