god damnit the pronunciation is naaaaiid, like fade, shade, made, jade ...
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
Blunts laced with crack
"he's smoken nade"
by Anonymous April 26, 2003
To be sexy
Omg, you're soo Nade
by .. April 09, 2003
<Bluetooth> Love you nade :D
by Bluetooth April 09, 2003
Worshippers of the almighty, Ralph Nader.
Guh! Nades incoming! Get out the Holy Hand Grenade!
by Special Ninja Albino Penguin August 19, 2007
time-saving abbreviation (brev) of lemonade
this 'nade is so perfectly lemon-y
by _Kayt_ January 24, 2006

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