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Danger Press Ups was first formed in the early months of 2010 during a drinking session at Birmingham University. It is possibly the worst punishment besides capital punishment.

First of all, for this to happen, an event so deserving of punishment must have happened that will make grown men cry.

Secondly, the venue must be agreed on.

Thirdly, the number of press ups must be agreed. (no higher than 20)

Fourthly, the defendant must take off all their items of clothing (hats and scarves are allowed to be on)

Fifthly, the defendand must ring the doorbell of the venue.

Sixthly, the defendant must complete the press ups, even if the occupants of the vene answer the door.

Seventhly, all of you run away so fast.

..Because exercise just isn't the same with your clothes on.
Please search 'Danger Press Ups' on Facebook for videos of loyal followers taking on the task.
by tickle66 April 21, 2010
The art of performing press ups naked (hats and scarves may be worn) upon someone's doorstep immediately after ringing their doorbell.

First started at the University of Birmingham in january 2010, where it took off immediately and grew to be a worldwide phenomenon by the middle of summer 2010.
Mate I did some briliant Danger Press Ups last night outside flat 23
by dpumaster April 26, 2011
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