Any day that is inconvenient. Especially one that is terrible because of the after effects from something you recently did.
Zylar wakes up from a coma

Zylar: Ugh, what day is it?
Doctor: Sunday. You'll return to school tomorrow.
Zylar: It's Monday now bitch.
by Zylar March 10, 2008
term used by white people to describe black people without being called a racist
because everyone hates mondays
get outta my way ya fuckin monday!
by kike jones July 10, 2008
The day that comes after Sunday and ends your glorius weekend.
Don't hate Mondays! It's one seventh of your life! If you die when you're 70, that means you spent 10 whole years of your life complaining that it's Monday!
by unfortunatelyihatethemtoo March 17, 2010
Code word for 'Nigger" that people can say in front of blacks and not get their ass kicked.

Monday is used as a substitute for nigger because nobody likes mondays.

From one of Russell Peter's comedy routines.
Damn it, that monday over there stole my car!
by reggin6969 July 20, 2010
The worst, hardest-working, most intense day of the week. The second day based on the Greek Calendar and the First based on the working cshedule. Means the Day of the Moon.
by G-Union 2 August 05, 2004
The term my cousin used that cost him his job as a police officer and to be kicked out of a game. Apparently slang for nigger.
( to Crawford ) you fuckin Monday
by Jrotch October 29, 2012
An adjective describing the feeling of Monday. Usually gloomy, slow, or a cranky feeling. The emotions you feel about starting the week and having to survive until the weekend.
I know today is going to be a bad day because I already feel Monday.
by Keebord October 04, 2010

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