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Narked: 1)past tence of Nark 2)Word used for when a "Nark" tells about something you have done.
Jamie Narked on me!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Fuck Duck: 1)To have sexual intercource with a duck.
2)A person that has sexual relations with muliple partners.
3)A sexual play toy.
4)A sexual nick name given to one's partner.
1)Frank had sex with that duck, what a duck fuck!
2)Frank, Fran, Francis, and Fred all have sex with way too many people in one night, they're all fuck ducks.
3)Frank got Francis a fuck duck.
4)Francis nicknamed Frank her fuck duck!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Shag: 1)Another name for sexual intercourse.
2)Rough tobacco.
1)Frank is going to shag Francis.
2)Frank has quite a bit of shag.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Nark: a person who tells a person of authority about something you said and/or did.
Stupid nark told the cops about my three pounds of weed.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Eye Candy: A very attractive male or female, normally not wearing any/much clothing.
Look at the eye candy over there!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
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