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3 definitions by zombies8

Utterly stupid or pointless.
Let me get this straight, you just paid $200 to get your own name tattooed on your chest? How utterly Occupy Portland of you.
by zombies8 October 08, 2011
The little Nazi weasels at the city who make you get a permit for everything from washing your car to fixing your sidewalk.
They let 10,000 morons illegally block all of downtown at Occupy Portland, but if I want to repair my own sidewalk I have to pay off some little Permitler.
by zombies8 October 08, 2011
Being suddenly wary of having referred to the recently deceased as a "bitch"
You're at the funeral of a woman you didn't much like. In fact, she was a real turd and you know it. Perhaps she was the nun who slapped your hands with a ruler when you were in Catholic school. As you walk past the casket you mumble to yourself "I'm glad you're dead, you old bitch" and you are. But suddenly you notice that people are looking at you. You may have said that a little too loudly. Or maybe they can just read lips, you really can't be sure. In that moment when you realize something may be amiss, you are officially old bitch you wary.
by zombies8 October 08, 2011