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An alcoholic drink. Half Fireball Whiskey (or any other cinnamon whiskey) and Half Sprite. It gets its name from the fact that the character Bowser shoots 'fireballs' from his mouth and Bowser is a character from a videogame which means that he has a 'sprite'.
Yes, I would like a Bowser please. I am really in the mood for something with cinnamon in it.
#koopa #drink #mixed drink #beverage #alcohol #drank
by Zephry December 23, 2013
A full tight scrotum sack, resulting from most likely cold weather. Coined the term in early 1990s. Used by skateboarders to describe a problem.
"It is so cold out here I've got a sob ee."
Dude ollie off that ledge, "wait I've got a sob ee."
#balls #scrotum #cold #colorado #skate lingo
by zephry March 21, 2007
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