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When a person gets what they deserve, their comeuppance or karma, generally because they've acted selfishly and with total disrespect for the people around them.

When this happens very few people will feel sorry for them, even if they pretend to just to keep up appearances.
Jennifer may have lost a lot of money from the deal, but to be honest she had it coming. She's been hustling all over town for years.
#karma #comeuppance #disrespect #foolishness #unpopular
by zekepliskin December 07, 2009
Instead of faking a plausible excuse, a person tells an audacious lie in order to make it known that they just don't want to hang out with you, presumably in order to offend you enough that the situation won't occur again.
Jake: Hey man, you wanna go catch a flick at the old drive-thru?

Jim: Nah dude, I'm having Jesus over for dinner.

Jake: Weak!
#jesus #lying #excuses #hanging out #offended
by zekepliskin December 06, 2009
Short for Pain In The Ass Cunt, a self-explanatory term for someone who really, really blows and should be avoided at all costs.

Useful because it sounds vaguely like a non-English word so can be misinterpreted as a compliment.
Thomas: Wow, did you see tha 'tude I was getting from that guy in the 7-11?

Frank: Totally. That loser is a total pitac.
#pain in the ass #cunt #loser #fool #fail
by zekepliskin December 06, 2009
A new term for Christmas, invented as a reflection of the fact the original values and methods of celebrating have been streamlined and homogenised to the point of it being a mere exercise in material gain.

Gone are the values of "peace and goodwill to all men" and finding solidarity in the company family and friends. Christmas is now just a way for large multi-national companies to further part people from their cash, as if they weren't wasting enough of it at all other times of year.
Judith: "Did you see the amount of pointless seasonal junk on sale in the mall chainstores?"

Jenny: "It's not even December yet, and still the plastic trees and tacky lights are up."

Judith: "I know. I wonder if people even remember what Christmas is supposed to be about."

Jenny: "Yeah, now it's more like a giant acquisitionfest."
#christmas #celebration #seasonal #santa claus #tinsel #christmas tree #father christmas #pere noel
by zekepliskin December 06, 2009
A derogatory term for:

a) People in McJobs who have to wear large gaudy name tags applied directly to their shirts.

b) Euphemistic buzzwords used to describe new fads or trends, such as those in the technology or fashion markets.

Jake: Did you see the oversized novelty name badges those hapless McFonagles employees are made to wear?

Jimmy: Yeah, those are totally lametags.


Jake: Wow, I just heard someone describe the iPhone as a "lifestyle accesory". What a lametag.

Jimmy: Jesus. It's just a mobile phone with a few nice extras! Why do people go so nuts over it?
#phone #technology #fashion #lame #tag #mcjob #crazy #sexy #cool #jesus #loves #sinners
by zekepliskin December 01, 2009
The term used to describe someone who has been sick burned repeatedly, and often by different people, in a short space of time.

Usually this occurs if the person is question is a jerkass and probably had it coming. Often devestating to their ego.
Josh: Yo, did you see what happened to Julie the other night? She got verbally slammed so many times she's practically a burn victim!

Al: Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. She needs to be cut down to size.
#burn #burned #sick burn #insult #abuse #ego
by zekepliskin December 07, 2009
The annoying whale being carried just above sea level by a flock of small birds, visible when Twitter runs out of bandwidth.
If I see that damn birdwhale one more time, I swear I'm going to smash my head against the keyboard until I bleed.
#twitter #url #tr.im #hyperlink #link #website #fail banana
by zekepliskin December 06, 2009
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