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used as a comeback when some1 calles u a square
ure a square
yer well at least im not a ............. triangle
by ze ducky June 28, 2006
EXTREAMLY horney. Being used , as the white siberian huskey
has a large pink penis that stands out (and up)against their white fur.
"The pilot was a happy huskey when he saw the hostess comming".
"The waiter got a happy huskey serving his favorite female customer".
by ze ducky August 20, 2006
1- a realy annoying person
2- someone who has piss all over their face
boy1- ure a bastard
boy2- yer well ure a piss face
by ze ducky June 27, 2006
a man whos obsessed with his clothes and appearence
daves a big fop isnt he?
by ze ducky June 27, 2006
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