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This is usually a final request from someone who is desperate for sex.
Man: I'll pay you 100 bucks to sleep with me.

Stripper: Fuck no!

Man: How bout 10 bucks and you give me a pee pee touch
by zarreff March 20, 2010
(verb.) When you laugh and grunt at the same time with your mouth open whilst looking like a moron. Its the noise one's suppose to make when they read the funny, witty sayings that are on the Snorg Woman's tee shirts.
Jack: *snorging* "that snorg ladies shirts are funny dude"!

Phillip: "No they arent man. That snorg lady is presumptous to even think so".
by zarreff August 15, 2011
(n.) An unnecessarily small blunt.

A baby blunt is to a Blunt, as a pinner is to a Joint.
Rodney: "I dont smoke big boy blunts I only smoke itty-bitty baby blunts".
by zarreff July 31, 2011
An unneccessarily small blunt. Its made when a person empties the tobacco from the cigar to replace with weed but doesnt have nearly enough weed to refill the cigar before rerolling. Its basically a joint.
Rodney: Hey only a couple of heads can smoke from this blunt I brought.

Me mocking his stingy ass: "Hey im Rodney! I dont smoke BIG boy blunts, I only smoke itty-bitty BABY Blunts"!
by zarreff June 13, 2011
This is a phrase used to express that ur not gonna do something you dont wanna do. This happens to be the best comeback to anyone asking you to do something for them; It lets the person know that doin a favor for them is not "good" for you.
Ruby Tuesday Cook: "Hey man can you prep me some Tomato Mozzarella"?

Worker who is NOT the Prep Person: "Nah im good".
by zarreff May 01, 2011
1. A girl who has a big belly that pulls her forward and a large ass that sticks out, this makes her resemble that of a duck. Her having snaggle teeth would make her resemble a duck even more but its not a requirement.

2. A clingy, or ugly girl thats trying to stalk you. If you spot her at a bar before she spots you- then DUCK!
Girl: "youre an idiot".

Guy: "yea well with that big ass and stomach you look like a duck".

Guy 1: Yo man isnt that the girl over there whose been stalkin yo ass??

Guy 2: Yep thats "a duck bitch", ima ghost outta here for she sees me.
by zarreff May 12, 2011
(noun.) A purple scaly monster that commonly lives in a womans asshole.

Snorg's are the reason anal sex still carries as a stigma in some cultures.
Randal: "Have you fucked you're girlfriend in the ass yet or what"?

Elias: "I can't risk it! My girlfriend told me if I stuck my thingy inside the Snorg would bite it off"!
by zarreff August 14, 2011

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