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(n.) An unnecessarily small blunt.

A baby blunt is to a Blunt, as a pinner is to a Joint.
Rodney: "I dont smoke big boy blunts I only smoke itty-bitty baby blunts".
by zarreff July 31, 2011
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An unneccessarily small blunt. Its made when a person empties the tobacco from the cigar to replace with weed but doesnt have nearly enough weed to refill the cigar before rerolling. Its basically a joint.
Rodney: Hey only a couple of heads can smoke from this blunt I brought.

Me mocking his stingy ass: "Hey im Rodney! I dont smoke BIG boy blunts, I only smoke itty-bitty BABY Blunts"!
by zarreff June 13, 2011
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