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1. A girl who has a big belly that pulls her forward and a large ass that sticks out, this makes her resemble that of a duck. Her having snaggle teeth would make her resemble a duck even more but its not a requirement.

2. A clingy, or ugly girl thats trying to stalk you. If you spot her at a bar before she spots you- then DUCK!
Girl: "youre an idiot".

Guy: "yea well with that big ass and stomach you look like a duck".

Guy 1: Yo man isnt that the girl over there whose been stalkin yo ass??

Guy 2: Yep thats "a duck bitch", ima ghost outta here for she sees me.
by zarreff May 12, 2011
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You: Hey, you see Tiffany's ass today?

Me: Yeah, saw her face too, she a duck bitch.
by shortyshitstain November 18, 2015
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