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Americans who smoke marijuana and are fully functional members of society that are not stereotypical " stoners "

We're taking stoner back, only stoners can call themselves stoners if you call someone a stoner and you don't smoke weed its just as bad as saying the N word!!
Zach smokes pot but acts responsible, he's a Stoner American
by zachwarhawk November 17, 2010
When a 18 year old girl gets high on her birthday , Kinda like the mile high club but with less sex and more drugs.
Miley Cyrus smoked salvia after turning 18 and started a new iconic group of stoner girls.
When you smoke something that gets you really high on your birthday your in the Miley high club
by zachwarhawk December 10, 2010
The unwritten rules stoners follow when smoking and anything related to stoners and smoking marijuana
Tommy sparks up a blunt and asked "which way to pass it."
David: stoner law says you should always pass to the left
Tommy: oh yea and it says puff puff pass right?
David: that is correct.
by zachwarhawk January 29, 2011
Montages of nice nugs of cannabis.
pictures of marijuana plants that look like stoner candy
nug mag and high times magazine are the old school stoner porn but now its all on the internet.
by zachwarhawk December 06, 2010
When you tell some one to eat something that looks like beef and after they eat it you tell them what it really is.
I made some beaver chilly and it smelled delicious, when my friends came over they asked what it was i told them to try some then when they finished a bowl i told them it wasn't beef in it. You just got Taco Bell'd !!!
by zachwarhawk February 08, 2011
When someone sends hunderd of farmville request that you have to go through and delete because you don't want to play but don't want to see the number of request anymore.
Man it took me 8 hours to delete all my farmville request your mom really farmville raped me.
by zachwarhawk December 11, 2010
The dumb version of describing a florescent light bulbs that is twisted thanks to ENERGY STAR
I hate those new light bulbs!! You know the ones that look like pig tail light bulbs?

oh you mean the energy saving bulbs
by zachwarhawk March 08, 2011

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