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to make love.
"whoa, kenny is eugeneing mary"
by yoyomama March 14, 2007
The action of flashing one's vagina.
Guy 1: Hey you'll never guess what Sydney sent me on snapchat!

Guy 2: What?!

Guy 1: She showed me her vagina!

Guy 2: Nice! You got a beaver wink!
by Yoyomama May 06, 2013
1. peace, later, i'm out.
2. to go poop
3. the number 2
1. "later man" "deuces, dude. see ya tomorrow"
2. "i need to go drop a deuce"
"lets go deuce it up in the bathroom"
3. "how many chips should i buy?" "deuce"
by yoyomama November 12, 2007

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