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a guy that is a complete asshole but thinks he is hot shit and gods gift to woman when in all reality everyone see right thru him and hates him
woow hes such a douchemiester, he asked me out and made it seem like it was my loss after i rejected him
by yourworstnightmare87 May 11, 2011
a person that is a complete fuck up and always does douche bag things to his friends and people that care about him. hes a serial douche becuz no matter how much he pisses people off he keeps doin the same things over and over again until he finally burns bridges and has no real friends.
woow my cheating ex is such a serial douche bag, i heard hes in jail for the 6th time this year.

i heard john bailed on his gf again what a serial douche bag
by yourworstnightmare87 May 08, 2011
a guy or girl who goes into a gay bar and pretends to be lesbian or gay and flirts with guys or girls to get drinks boughten for them
haha woow jd is straight but he was definetly gay for pay last night, woow how pathetic
by yourworstnightmare87 May 08, 2011
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