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A well-written tween novel by Ingrid Law, recommended for grades 4-7 about living with magical powers, or Savvies.
"What's your favorite savvy from the book?"

"Oh definitely the ability to see and feel radio waves. It's so cool!"
by yourparamore January 17, 2012
A typo of "fail" that turned into something much more.

Pronounced (fay-ULL)
"Wow, you're a fail," doesn't sound like "wow, you're a fayl," Now does it?
by yourparamore January 17, 2012
A cool way to say "Hi there," most commonly used in chat rooms.
1.) Bob: Hai der, Joe, hows you?

Joe: I is good, you?

2.) Tagging on the "der" makes it sound much better. See here:

"Hai der, Sue!" sounds much better than "Hi there, Sue." Get what I mean?
by yourparamore January 17, 2012
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