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A person who will fight for you even though you hate him. A person you need to hate so you can ignore your shortcomings. A person who will never give up. A person who nobody will ever truly understand. A Genius. A person who will deny you everything if you are a deceiver. A person that is called "traitor" because he will never agree with you, or defend you if you are wrong, but will side with his worst enemy if that person is right. A person that dies daily because he is not a hater. A person that admits his pain and anguish with aplomb. A person who loves humans.
What is that blinding light over there? Oh, that's a Dane, he leads by example and is the essence of divinity. Oh yeah, I heard of him, he once saved my friend's life...I hate that guy!
by Your Liberator January 08, 2011
When your buddy suddenly rapes your mind with an orgy of urban dictionary references and ghetto street creed to get you out of the picture so he can pick up some hot tail.
Guy 1: “Word! dawg. Peep that dope, five-finger shorty...two o’clock. Mmm, straight rollin’ strapped wit some back! woo! Girl got me bustin’ a hard-o-tack, melty like a full blown heteropheliac. Betta git in where you fit in jack, cause this car don’t ride three deep.”

Waiter: "Table for one?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, my buddy just blew me off with a slangbang."
by Your liberator January 19, 2011
The strategy of admitting defeat to gain sympathy, but still pleading to be the one to lead the way.
Mr. Failure: "I was handed my ass for a hat because I lack any true intuition, but I know I can still fix things if you tell me what to do."

Mr Reason: "Don't fall for this trick y'all, he's just appealing to your better nature with obamalogic."
by Your liberator January 21, 2011
A person who can only grasp a tiny flicker of brilliance because they refuse to allow truth to enter their mind, and believing they are enlightened, must turn to fanatacism for comfort and praise.
Guy 1: "I had an epiphany this morning about my friend."

Guy 2: "Really? what was that?"

Guy 1: "I realized that he is crazy because what he says irritates me."

Guy 2: "How's that?"

Guy 1: "Because, everyone who ever said something I didn't like, was crazy"

Guy 2: "No, you probably just didn't understand it because you are epiphanatical"
by your liberator January 17, 2011
A person with an unstable moral center, or mental condition, who tries to hide it with a tiffany image until it spins out of control and stains everyone around them.
Guy 1: "Did you catch the fireworks last night? Lisa got all agro and made a fool of herself...probably lost all of her friends."

Guy 2: "Yeah, that was the worst egocentrifugal meltdown I've ever seen."

Guy 1: "What about Mel Gibson?"

Guy 2: "No contest! Gibson never tried to hide it."
by Your liberator January 31, 2011
An extremely profitable production of deceptive and shocking media, typically with a scary title, that is intended to divide a society into two warring, social factions by employing subtle international terrorism that convinces people they must relinquish control over their lives to a reigning bureaucracy in order to save the planet from themselves.
Scared: "Oh no, the sky is melting, we need to stop breathing and farting or we are all going to die!"

Reasonable: "What? Are you crazy?!"

Scared: "Me? You're the fool. You're going to kill us all! haven't you seen that documentary "An Inconsistent Boob"? The producer even gives speeches warning us about you people who are just too selfish and ignorant to see the truth.

Reasonable: "Oh, I get it, you fell for some money-hungry trickster's digitally altered mockumentary."
by Your liberator January 31, 2011
A guy who will never start a fight, but once you touch him he'll never stop no matter what you do.
Guy #1: "That dumb punk over there is a wuss"

Guy #2: "Looks pretty tough to me"

Guy #1: "Yeah, but he only talks tough, Im gonna go kick his butt"

Guy #3: "I wouldn't do that if I were you, three of my friends tried beating him in the head with a rock, and he got up and chased 'em all down and tore 'em a new one...man don't fade.
by your liberator January 19, 2011
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