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8 definitions by yo yo yo

when u smoke so much dope ur passed bein stoned. u can hardly see coz u hav no eyes.
oh man im propa mangled i cant see
by yo yo yo December 04, 2004
57 45
owned; whos your daddy; other similar exclamations

Taken from cabin fever
Ooooooh faced scratch moded
by yo yo yo October 14, 2004
26 15
a skateboarding term used wen u didnt land your trick as well as u had hoped
dude that was sketchy
by yo yo yo December 04, 2004
5 4
a young man who has a girlfriend and starts to realize the time is right,so he goes and sticks his finger up the girls but, now if you want to know the definition of this look up shlaberation
Mcgeary are you becoming a shlaberator
by yo yo yo January 25, 2005
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wen uv smoked a lot of dope or had otha drugs and u get scared and paniky or not know where u are or something like that
light wieght:'oh man this is wierd im scared.'
other guy:'oh man ur SKITSING OUT.'
by yo yo yo December 24, 2004
5 5
A shit loving piece of shit that no one likes because he is so shitty he's gay as a gay guy. A fucking pansy that is a queer. No friend. No life. Mommies boy 4 lyfe. yo. Gay ass mother fucker. Smells like shit looks like shit a god damn porch monkey bootlip bush boogie. WORD
ME: you smell like shit
Thomas: Yeah, I get that a lot.
by Yo yo yo December 27, 2012
4 16
i once had a friend named sea bass, he was pretty annoying....so one day i decided to kick his ass
by yo yo yo March 08, 2003
9 26