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A derogatory term for African Americans with abnormally large mouths/lips. This term can also describe African Americans who tend to exhibit poor attitudes and generally contribute to
any negative perceptions or stereotypes of their race as a whole.
Hey Bill, "Look at those bootlips on the corner drinkin Old E,
smokin blunts, slangin rocks and shootin dice." Yeah John, thats really troubling "I wonder what they'll be up to when they reach middle school?"
by David Duke March 17, 2006
A derogatory slur directed at blacks..
I sure do hate boot lips, moon crickets, groids, coons, spooks, tarbabies and especially niggers..
by Joe Lusk March 24, 2005
A racist term for an african american. Describes their large lips.
"Man, check out the bootlips stealing that bike."
by Brian February 12, 2005
Racial term used to describe Africian Americans Big lips
Damn Charlie did you see the boot lips on that guy
by Willie75 December 29, 2008
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