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An ISP based in the UK infamous for its monopoly in its locality and amazing disdain for its fee-paying users who can't use another ISP.
I've never met such a useless ISP as Karoo

Karoo: I can't believe it's not better..

Karoo email - spam free 'cos it doesn't work
by ymmit May 07, 2004
Noun: A contraction of the "can't" and "bugger all" - short form of "Can not do bugger all", the double negative and poor spelling being ironice references to the futility of anything that can be related to a Catherall
He's a complete catherall
No way, he catheralle'd that up completely
'e spellz lark a caverorl
by ymmit July 21, 2004
Generic term used for a newsgroup users (especially of the karoo hierarchy) who don't have a clue about operating a computer.

Probably an acronym for Krap Computer Operation Moment or something
That noobie geek nerd is a total Kcom and shouldn't be trusted with a macintosh
by ymmit July 23, 2004
Originally from www.dervman.com - the ultimate nerd site for the pursuit of utter pointlessness, now brought into generic use for any car driver whose quest for fuel economy (that's Gas Mileage for you seppos) overcomes any other requirement of praticality or enjoyment for a car.

Tends to either own a diesel driven car (DERV = DIESEL ENGINED ROAD VEHICLE) or spend all his time justifying the use of small petrol engines, silly air intake modifications, lean burn devices, ECU monitors etc.
He's nerdy enough to be a Dervman

If you buy the Mondeo you'll become a proper Dervman

Dervman will be happy - Alfa do diesels now.
by ymmit July 23, 2004
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