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A complete waste of time that ruins your life
Programmer1: Hey, why are you using visual basic
Programmer2: Because i'm a mindless zombie and Bill Gates is my master. NEVER QUESTION BILL!!!!
*Programmer 2 stuffs computer down Programmer 1's throat*
by Yelsew Foolface April 05, 2005
The most cliche old black people food (besides chitlins)
Old black lady: Come on chile, come git yo collerd greens and chillins.
by Yelsew Foolface May 13, 2005
The most obscene commercial jingle ever!
Commercial: "Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach DIARREAH, yay pepto bismol!"
Friend1: Hey bud, pass me some of that diarreah over there!
Friend2: Want some pepto bismol on it?
Friend1: Yeah! that'll take the shitty taste out of it!
by Yelsew Foolface April 11, 2005
An American Idol who should:
(1) Not be allowed to announce commercial breaks
(2) Not wear shoes to her performances
(1)Ryan Seacrest: "We'll announce who's cut..." (hands mic to fantasia)
Fantasia: "after the commercial... the break and all that good stuff"
(2) "I broke my shoe!"
by Yelsew Foolface April 06, 2005
The best game show (next to Price is Right) in the world. What's better than spinning a wheel to win money?
Contestant: I'd like to solve the puzzle: Supercalifragelistcexpialidocious
by Yelsew Foolface April 12, 2005
A person who is tacky, old, and chain smokes cigarettes. Cigarettes are the main priority for this person. They are a teacher who will leave their class locked in their room then goes outside and smokes while saying "I need a smoke!"
Dick Cheyney's wife is a lancoolish
"You are acting very lancoolish today"
by Yelsew Foolface May 02, 2005
An bullemic's pasttime
Jessica: Hey Jill, wanna go throw up?
Jill: Where's the toilet?
Jessica: Who needs a toilet?! *throws up on the jill*
by Yelsew Foolface May 12, 2005

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