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people who are addicted to buying coffee at starbucks. starfucksfagsjava the hutstarbucks
guy1 look at all those people buying coffee at starbucks.
guy2 i know right i fucking hate all those starfags who buy the glorified and overpriced coffee
by yeahididthat October 28, 2010
A fat person who drinks too much fucking coffee. fat
guy1 hey see that fat chick at starbucks sha has had 8 cups of coffee

guy2 i know right she is a total java the hut
by yeahididthat October 28, 2010
A total computer nerd who constantly checks his batteries on his smartphone laptop whatever, and freaks if his piece of technology wont have the power to make it through the day.
nerd: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my iphone4 wont have the power to work through 2pm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude standing next to him: hey shut the fuck up you fucking battery nerd
by yeahididthat October 28, 2010

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