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people who are addicted to buying coffee at starbucks. starfucksfagsjava the hutstarbucks
guy1 look at all those people buying coffee at starbucks.
guy2 i know right i fucking hate all those starfags who buy the glorified and overpriced coffee
by yeahididthat October 28, 2010
Fan of the star trek serious. Popular among high schoolers, sometimes middle schoolers. Used by bullys
Preston: Back in my day, we were called starfags.
Friends: whats that?
Preston: it means we liked star trek.

Fred: You wanna come over today to watch the new star trek blu-ray?
Fred: :'(
by YouAintFuckingWithMyDougie January 30, 2011
A rockstar who is a faggot.

Usually a pretty-boy with lots of fangirls. Those fangirls are just a cover.

Klavier Gavin is a starfag.
by Perfectionist January 19, 2008

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