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-someone who cheated there way just so they can pass babe ruths record.
-someone who is a liar.
-someone who is a cheat.
-someone who is an azz.
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
-wanna be mj
-very full of himslef
-very overrated in the looks department
-not very nice
-scale of 1-10 when it comes to his skills, 9
kobe is a good liar, we all know he di it
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
-the best team there is and the best team there ever will be.
-the team with the most haters
-way better than the boston red sh*ts
-will win 2005 world series
-a team that every one loves to hate
-a team with the most money
-a team that will go down in history as the best
-a team that when you here there name you think baseball
-a team that just was'nt suppose to win in the 2004 alcs
derek jeter
alex rodriguez
babe ruth
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
noe a true yankees but although he made a mistake he still good and is still going to come on top.
he he mad a mistake,give him a break.
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
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